I Don’t Have Enough Time to Teach My Kids About Money!

So, you know you need to teach your kids about money, you really do.

But, you also have so darn many other things they need to learn.  AND you still have to get them to their practices, youth group and music lessons.  Dinner together occasionally is also nice, right?

We get it.  There’s a lot that you have to do as a parent.  But what if we could make it all easier for you?

What if there was a guidebook that could help you every single step of the way?

Investing in Your 401k Kid: From Zero to Little Financial Genius in Five Easy Steps

can truly help to get you started on the path to raising financially literate kids.  We walk you step by step through the process and even provide interactive worksheets to get you headed on your way.

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If you still think there’s not enough time in your life to teach kids about money, consider this: Most parents spend hours each week schlepping kids around to athletic practices and lessons.  If a kid is on one team per season, and practices twice a week for two hours, this means they are spending roughly 144 hours per school year on practices alone.  Add in additional activities, games and summer practices, the number quickly passes 200 hours a year.  I guarantee you that teaching your kids to manage money successfully will NOT take you 200+ hours a year.

So, are you really too busy to teach your kids such an important, life long skill?

Help us help you...
we'd love to help you teach your kids about money.
TracieI Don’t Have Enough Time to Teach My Kids About Money!

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