On The Road with Lewis and Clark – Our Family Travel Story

If you’re reading 401k Kid, you’ve probably figured out that money management and financial literacy are important concepts to us.  But that’s not all we are.

Biking down Pike's Peak - OnTheRoadWithLewisAndClark - family travel

During the summer of 2012, our family embarked on the trip of a lifetime when we took our Ford Flex (Lewis) and our tiny travel trailer (Clark) on a tour of the American West.  We were gone for six weeks.

There were a lot of reasons we took the trip (to re-engage with our teenagers, to unplug for a period of time and to vacation were a few) and there were some unexpected results (our kids’ new-found independence, the skill with which we could pack up and get out of Dodge at a moment’s notice if necessary).  In all it was a terrific trip and we document it on our other website: http://OnTheRoadWithLewisAndClark.  It is a site dedicated to family travel.  From why family travel is so important, to how to fix wall paper bubbles from excessive heat, there is a wealth of information to be found on its pages.

In the end, the two websites, http://401kKid.com and http://OnTheRoadWithLewisAndClark.com are really forever linked.  Without the principles we use and teach on 401kKid, we’d never have been able to take the trips we talk about on On The Road.  And it is our love of travel and family that really fuels just about everything else we do.

Enjoy!  And please be sure to let us know if you have questions or comments.  We really enjoy connecting with you!


TracieOn The Road with Lewis and Clark – Our Family Travel Story