Resources for What’s After Share, Save, Spend

As we go through the course, we’ll have a few resources to share

1)  BudgetingForAdults – A quick guide (and some inspiration) to help get you kick-started if you want to start putting your own finances in order, and haven’t started budgeting at all.

2) – I’ve mentioned this online tool in several discussions – it’s a finance tool from Intuit (the makers of Quicken) that lets you quickly set up your expense tracking and budgeting.  And, it’s free!

3)  Allowance Budget Worksheet – This was featured in the video from the first week.  It’s the expense categories that we use, and some sample amounts for each.  Use this to figure out how you’re going to start an allowance, and how you’re going to talk to your kids about their share of the total kid budget.

4)  The video replay from Week 1:

5) The video replay from Week 2:

6) For Week 3: A video guide/review of

7) For Week 3: A video guide/review of VisaBuxx

8) The video replay from Week3:

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BretResources for What’s After Share, Save, Spend

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