Classes & Speaking

Are you ready to teach your kids how to be financially literate?  We have several options to start you on your way:

Personalized Group Classes

We would love to teach Investing in Your 401k Kid to your group.  Our dynamic, fun and educational classes can be customized to fit your needs and range from a 45-minute introduction to a multi-session series.

One-on-One Mentoring

Although we know that even parents who’ve made financial mistakes can use our book to ensure their kids don’t make the same mistakes, we also recognize that this can be an overwhelming process for some people.  If you feel like you need extra help, whether it is a few one-on-one sessions to get you going or a soup-to-nuts plan of action that includes meeting via Google Hangout with you and your kids, we have a solution for you.

For details on what we can do for you or your group, please contact

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we'd love to help you teach your kids about money.
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