Teaching Kids About Money Sounds Too Hard

The idea of teaching kids how to become financially literate can be overwhelming.

Heck, the phrase “financially literate” is overwhelming. So let’s break it down.

If you’re like us, you are parents who love your kids and know that they need to learn more about managing money. The whole idea of where to start and how to approach such a big topic makes your head hurt.

Maybe you’ve messed up your own finances so badly that you know there’s no way you are qualified to teach your own kids how to do better.

You can teach kids about money, even if you're not so great at it yourself.

You can teach kids about money, even if you’re not so great at it yourself.

Maybe you realize teaching kids about money is one of the most important things you could ever do for them, but don’t know how you’re going to fit it in with all of the other things you need to teach them: reading, math, sex ed, how to ride a bike. I mean, come ON, where does it end?!

You do have time to teach kids about money - it doesn't have to be hard, trust us.

You do have time to teach kids about money – it doesn’t have to be hard, trust us.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We’re also busy parents whose lives took a huge hit during the Great Recession. After moving into a house way too large for us to afford, treating ourselves to expensive dinners we put on credit cards and just generally acting as though money grew on trees, Bret lost his job with a local start up. Oh boy.

It was then that we looked around, realized that whole lot of for sale signs were going up in our area and discovered that people our age didn’t know a lick about money. We decided our kids would be different. We didn’t know where we’d start or what we’d do, but we figured our kids would make excellent guinea pigs. After all, even a little financial education was better than no education at all, right?

Over the past seven years we’ve used these money principles and techniques with our own kids.

Now teenagers, they can manage money better than some adults.

As word spread of this strange experiment we were doing with our children, people began to ask us for help. So we wrote it all down. A self-published e-book turned into a blog site. The site turned into speaking opportunities and a “real” book. The book turned into regular appearances on our ABC affiliate as a mom who knows a thing or two about helping parents teach their kids about money.

And all of that? Well, all of that brought you to us now. And we think right here is where you’re supposed to be.

We want to help you. We know how frustrating, how daunting it can be to want something so badly for your kids and not know where to start. We have a ton of free resources for you to use, including a monthly newsletter to keep you on track. So let’s get started.

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