“Budget” is not a bad word

Want to start a fight?  Tell your wife that it’s time to go on a budget.  You can almost see the hackles start to rise.  It’s really too bad that “budget” has become such a negative word, because there’s a lot of power in a budget. Let’s change gears for a moment – what do you think of when you …

Bret“Budget” is not a bad word

A Book That Teaches Parents How to Make Their Kids Financially Literate

It has come to our attention that the way we have raised our kids to understand money is a bit unusual.  After the financial crash of 2008, we realized that there were way too many people who had grown up without a basic understanding of how money and basic finance work.  We decided our kids would be different.  We set …

TracieA Book That Teaches Parents How to Make Their Kids Financially Literate

Managing Finances

Before we were able to plan our trip, we had to get a handle on our finances. Like many, the mid-2000s found us in more debt than we would have liked and 2009 included the bonus of Bret being laid off from his job. At that point we figured we’d never be able to realize our goal of taking the kids on an extended family trip. Our church was offering the Dave Ramsey course, Financial Peace University, and we quickly moved to an all cash system.

TracieManaging Finances

Cost-Saving Tip: Christmas Travel Gifts

“Cost-Saving” and “Christmas” don’t usually appear together, but we’ve discovered that Christmas can be a good opportunity to exercise some smart planning when looking at big vacation plans.  How?  Well, just think about some of the stuff you’re planning on buying for your trip.  Instead of buying it later for the trip, buy travel gifts now, and disguise the purchases …

BretCost-Saving Tip: Christmas Travel Gifts