Guest Blogging Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a guest post to, we ask you to first consider our guidelines:

  • We really like diversity, but posts must be relevant to our readers.  Poke around, see what we’re writing about, and what are people commenting on.  If you submit a generic post that could be posted on any personal finance site, we’ll likely reject it in favor of articles that better serve our readers.
  • We love storytelling to demonstrate a point.  If you open with a story that hooks the reader, we’ll likely be hooked as well.
  • We pride ourselves on offering content that isn’t on every other site out there.  Please don’t submit a story to us that you’ve submitted elsewhere.  Likewise, if we post your article we request that you don’t post it somewhere else.
  • We will be more likely to post your article if you have shown a genuine interest in  Comment on our posts, retweet, like — you know how to be engaged.
  • We love engagement.  Since you know your content best, we ask that all guest posters monitor and follow up on comments to their own articles.

Submission details:

  • Posts should be 750 words or less.
  • Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading much easier.
  • Please submit posts as attachments to
  • Any links in your post must be relevant and valid. We will check to see if you are prone to being spammy or linking to spammy content.  If we find it, we won’t use your post.
  • We’re happy to promote you and your site.  Feel free to include a bios of 50 words or less to be included at the end of your post. You may include a link to your site.
  • No need to include photos.  We will take care of images for you.
  • You can expect to hear back from us within three weeks if we decide to use your content.  We’ll also let you know when it will be posted so that you can link to it from your own site if you’d like.

You can submit your article or idea to: info at 401kKid dot come

TracieGuest Blogging Guidelines