Teens Behaving Badly: Allowance Disasters

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If your teen is on an allowance, you’ve got to be prepared for impending disaster. They will make allowance mistakes. It’s coming, trust me. It’s just a matter of how big, and when. If your teen isn’t on an allowance yet, you’ll want to go a back a few weeks and start at the beginning of our teens and money …

BretTeens Behaving Badly: Allowance Disasters

What Happens After Share, Save, Spend?

  So, you thought the hard work you did to teach your kids about money was working perfectly, until suddenly it wasn’t any more. The piggy bank was great.  Share, Save, Spend jars worked just fine… for a while. But now you have a teenager. And everything is falling apart. We know how you feel.  In one 24-hour period this past …

TracieWhat Happens After Share, Save, Spend?

Keeping Tabs on Your Teen’s Allowance

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Once you’ve started handing over cash every month, your next goal should be working out how to keep track of your teen’s allowance.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help with some pretty simple ideas. (Don’t worry, this will be fun!) If your teen receives an allowance, you need to have frequent accountability conversations to ensure everything is going according to plan.  These …

BretKeeping Tabs on Your Teen’s Allowance

Your Kid’s Allowance: Five Secrets for Success

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Starting your teen on an allowance Would you like to start your teen on an allowance, but don’t know where to start? Or is your teen already on an allowance that’s not working, and you want to get it back on track? I’ve got some good news hear that should get you on the right path. Here are the five …

TracieYour Kid’s Allowance: Five Secrets for Success

I See a New Allowance in Your Teen’s Future

Teens are fascinating animals.  For their parents, they are a constant source of frustration and joy, shame and pride.  Sometimes it feels like you just can’t teach your teen anything.  Simply because you’re their parent, it feels like they will resist anything you telling them.  I think it’s a pride thing.  They don’t want to admit that your might actually know something, …

BretI See a New Allowance in Your Teen’s Future

Baby Steps to Teaching Kids About Money Webinar

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Here we are!  It’s back to school time once again! Is this the year you decided you would finally teach your kids about money? You want to figure out what to do about allowance.  How much to give the kids, how often they’d be paid, and heck, whether or not you even believed in the idea of an allowance for your …

TracieBaby Steps to Teaching Kids About Money Webinar

Saving Money on Kids’ Sports

Our son started a new school this year. The football coach explained via email that all equipment is provided for the players. I asked my son to email the coach back and clarify if that meant cleats as well.  This caused a discussion. “Mom, he said ALL equipment!” “Really?” I replied.  “Because it seems to me that it would be …

TracieSaving Money on Kids’ Sports