Teens Behaving Badly: Allowance Disasters

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If your teen is on an allowance, you’ve got to be prepared for impending disaster. They will make allowance mistakes. It’s coming, trust me. It’s just a matter of how big, and when. If your teen isn’t on an allowance yet, you’ll want to go a back a few weeks and start at the beginning of our teens and money …

BretTeens Behaving Badly: Allowance Disasters

What Happens After Share, Save, Spend?

  So, you thought the hard work you did to teach your kids about money was working perfectly, until suddenly it wasn’t any more. The piggy bank was great.  Share, Save, Spend jars worked just fine… for a while. But now you have a teenager. And everything is falling apart. We know how you feel.  In one 24-hour period this past …

TracieWhat Happens After Share, Save, Spend?

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