Saving Money on Kids’ Sports

Our son started a new school this year. The football coach explained via email that all equipment is provided for the players. I asked my son to email the coach back and clarify if that meant cleats as well.  This caused a discussion. “Mom, he said ALL equipment!” “Really?” I replied.  “Because it seems to me that it would be …

TracieSaving Money on Kids’ Sports

Want Your Kids Gone? Gotta Let Them Fail!

“I hope when my kids are in their 30s, and I’m in my 60s, that they come back to live with me for a few years.” Said no parent, ever. Why are so many kids moving back home?  And why are they now moving back home not in their 20s, but now in their 30s? A recent Pew analysis of …

BretWant Your Kids Gone? Gotta Let Them Fail!

Eight Reasons to Hate Your Mortgage

I used to have a lot of respect for The Wall Street Journal.  They’ve got some pretty smart writers there.  I saw an article recently, though, that blew my mind.  The gist of the article is revealed in the title: “Nine Reasons to Love Your Mortgage: There’s an Upside to All That Debt” There are no reasons to love your …

BretEight Reasons to Hate Your Mortgage

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