How a Gas Station Created Halloween Costume Victory

Having kids who understand basic money management is something I frequently take for granted.  This week, Halloween week, was a perfect reminder. Last week our family was road tripping home from a dual-family vacation in Florida when we found ourselves at a very unique gas station in Mississippi.  As road trippers, we’ve come across all types of gas stations in …

TracieHow a Gas Station Created Halloween Costume Victory

All Things in Good Time

I recently came across the article, “Three Smart Ways to Teach Kids About Money from a Former Goldman Banker.” As in, Goldman Sachs – my first thought was, “oh, this will be good.”  The article didn’t disappoint. First, the author decides to introduce his eight-year-old to stock investing — before he introduces her to an allowance.  He’s definitely got …

TracieAll Things in Good Time

Choosing a Path, Choosing a Major

Lots of parents and teachers ask teenagers, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a terrible question – not because of what is asked, but because of how it gets answered.  Ask any teen this question, and they’ll probably not give you a straight answer.  They’ll tell you what their friends have told them they …

BretChoosing a Path, Choosing a Major

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